Trimming the Excess- How to Grow and Maintain an Epic Beard.

It may seem like a no brainer, the thing just grows all by itself, but developing and maintaining a beard has become an art form. If nothing else at all, the hipsters of today’s society have taught us that one can grow a beard and still look slick and cool. Nothing says ‘sophisticated gentleman’ like a bearded guy in a well-tailored suit.

First things first, grow it for at least a month before you start doing anything to it. You want it to get thick and lush before you start getting rid of the excess. Next thing is to decide on the look you are going for. Here there are probably 3 key styles; the full beard, the sexy stubble and the porn star mo. The latter is only ok if you are partaking in ‘Movember’ (an excellent cause) or you are in university and simply trying to be a regular (what is now mainstream) hipster.

I have opted to go for the full beard, and am just heading towards the end of the 4 weeks now, so I’m getting ready for the next step. Like with your hair, finding a good barber is key. Go to them for your first beard shave, as they will use a straight razor to define the lines on your neck and on your cheeks, which will make it easy for you to follow later on. Alternatively, you can invest in a straight razor from The Art of Shaving, which retail from $125- $275.

My beard

My beard… Not bad for a few weeks.

Straight razor

Straigh razor from The Art of Shaving

If you are going to the ‘5am after shadow haven’t been to bed yet but still undoubtedly sexy’ look, then invest in a good beard trimmer. You can change the settings to adjust the length of your beard, and they make it so simple to maintain and trim the entire face relatively quickly. I’ve been using one for years and haven’t touched a disposable shaving blade since. Phillips beard trimmers are a good price and are able to take care of everything from stubble to defining lines, so are a good investment.

Finally, look after it. Yes, this does mean washing and conditioning it just like you would your hair. Bluebirds offer a trio set that can take you from the onset of your beard, to its maintenance down the track. The beard saver prevents itching whilst growing, the beard wash conditions and softens once grown, and the wonder beard is a weekly mask that helps keep it healthy. For those that are truly dedicated, Kent makes a moustache and beard comb to help detangle and keep lush. It also looks cool walking around combing your beard.

Beard Trimmer

Phillips Beard Trimmer



Bluebirds Beard Care Trio

Kent comb

Kent Moustache and Beard Comb


Happy growing!

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